Application areas

Diab core materials for Seingen electric fishing boat

Commercial vessels

Our core materials make ships, ferries, pilot boats, fishing vessels, rescue crafts, etc. faster and more fuel efficient.

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Motor boats

Light-weight materials for small boats to mega yachts, for pleasure or racing.

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Diab Sailing Boat

Sailing boats

Optimised foam core solutions tailored to reduce weight and improve sailing performances.

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Diab core materials for Commercial Boats

Electric boats

Lightweight core materials for battery-powered ferries, personal watercraft and private fishing boats.

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Navy vessels

Composite materials for a lighter and faster vessel with low radar transmission properties.

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Diab Other Marine

Other marine

Materials with good fatigue life for rowboats for racing and leisure, surfboards, kayaks and canoes.

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Core materials we recommend for marine applications

Diab Divinycell H

Divinycell H

Excellent mechanical properties to low weight.

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Diab Divinycell HP

Divinycell HP

Meets the demands in higher temperature processing.

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Diab Divinycell HM

Divinycell HM

Outstanding toughness and strength.

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Diab Divinycell Matrix

Divinycell Matrix

All-purpose grade with high strength to weight ratio.

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Diab Divinycell PN

Divinycell PN

A PET core with good mechanical and insulating properties.

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Diab Divinycell PY

Divinycell PY

A core with high shear strain and low resin consumption.

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Finishing & Kitting

Diab finishing options


Reduce cost, decrease weight, improve quality – get a competitive edge with the optimal finishing.

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Diab Kitting offering


Improve efficiency, lower your cost, increase quality – boost performance with pre-cut parts.

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Technical expertise

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Certificates & Datasheets

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Diab Tools And Services

Tools & Services

Find the tools and services you need to draw all the benefits from our materials.

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At Diab sustainability is in our core


Sustainability is one of our top business priorities and we strive to further improve our performance.

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About us

A leader of foam core materials and sandwich technology development with an excellent track record.

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