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What others say cannot be done, we do every day. Diab’s experience when it comes to optimize sandwich composite solutions is second to none.

Since our start over 70 years ago, we have developed, improved and fine-tuned the technology and we know where it can be used to its best advantage. Today, Diab’s high-performance core materials can be found in applications all over the world, in industries like marine, aerospace, wind energy and transport, making them more competitive and sustainable. We produce our own material, ensuring a secure supply chain and achieving efficient and sustainable management. And we are always exploring new ways to improve our offering and help you make your products stronger, lighter and smarter.

Structural core materials

Diab Divinycell PVC Core Materials

Divinycell - PVC

High-performance PVC foam core materials with excellent strength-to-weight properties.

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Diab Divinycell PET Core Materials

Divinycell - PET

Thermoplastic recyclable PET foam core material suitable for many applications.

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Diab Divinycell PVC Core Materials

Divinycell - PES

Recyclable PES foam core material perfectly suitable for commercial aircraft interiors.

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Diab Balsa


High-density organic core material featuring high compressive strength.

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Complete sandwich composite solution

Diab Sandwich technology

The Sandwich technology

Learn more about the sandwich construction, how it works and in which application it can be beneficial.

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Where to use structural core materials from Diab

Where to use

Gaining ground in almost every market, potential applications for these lightweight yet strong foam core materials are limitless.

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How to use structural core materials from Diab

How to use

With different manufacturing methods we can help you make the most of your composite core solution.

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Finishing & Kitting

Diab finishing options


Reduce cost, decrease weight, improve quality – get a competitive edge with the optimal finishing.

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Diab Kitting offering


Improve efficiency, lower your cost, increase quality – boost performance with pre-cut parts.

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Technical expertise

Technical services at Diab

Technical Services

We partner up with you to help you maximize the benefits of our products.

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Composite Consulting Group - Specialized engineering services to further improve your product.

Composite Consulting Group

If you can imagine it, our specialized consultants in CCG can probably help you build it.

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At Diab sustainability is in our core


Sustainability is one of our top business priorities and we strive to further improve our performance.

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About Diab

About us

A leader of foam core materials and sandwich technology development with an excellent track record.

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