Lightweigt panel created by Porcelanosa Group and Diab

Offering easer and faster installation with reduced weight, the System X light XXL has a core of Divinycell P, sandwiched between skins made from ceramics and aluminum.

Porcelanosa Group

With its headquarters in Spain, the Porcelanosa Group has 970 stores in 150 countries, manufacturing ceramic tiles, kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture. Butech, part of the Porcelansa Group, offers a wide range of materials and building systems directed at meeting the needs of end users, installation experts, builders and architects. The innovative company is always looking for new materials and teamed up with Diab to develop a new sandwich panel system that offers many advantages.

Diab and Porcelanosa create a new panel system

Together, Diab and Porcelanosa have created a light sandwich panel system, called System X light XXL. It is a sandwich panel for building façades featuring a ceramic skin of 3 mm and an aluminum skin with a core of 10 mm Divinycell P. The total dimension of the panel is 3000 x 1000 mm.

The advantages of a sandwich solution

Porcelanosa decided to develop a sandwich solution for various reasons, including reduced weight. The panel at a weight of only 8 kg/m2 offers faster installation and decreased need for a back-up structure. A stable and even surface is achieved through the ceramic finishing, while the novel design ensures that there is no change in color and that the risk of warping due to thermal stresses is reduced. The core, made of Divinycell P from Diab, offers improved thermal insulation and complies with the FST (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity) classification Euroclass Bs2d0. To Porcelanosa, it is an easy and simple system, developed together with a reliable partner.

Divinycell P - a PET core with excellent SFT properties

Aimed at public transportation and construction applications, Divinycell P is an energy-efficient core material. Within construction, the good mechanical and Smoke & Toxicity properties of Divinycell P makes it ideal for domes, architectural claddings and industrial housings. The recyclable material is also used as interior paneling, floors and exterior panels for trains, trams, buses and coaches.


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