Diab Topbild Going Circular

We are on an ambitious journey to fully embrace a circular economy, creating a whole new level of sustainability. But we also want to be the best partner for companies that want to improve their circularity and lower their carbon footprint.

Going Circular - episode 4

At Diab, we want to give our customers a positive business case. But in the future, more is needed. We also want to provide you with a positive carbon case.

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Going Circular - episode 3

When discussing recycling PET, there’s often a discussion about whether you should use post-consumer plastics, like PET bottles or post-industry plastics. There are benefits with both choices, but sometimes, post-industrial plastic is better for industrial applications. Watch the third episode of Going Circular to learn more!

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Going Circular - episode 2

Working with, or transforming into, the circular business model is about changing all the parts of a company's value chain. But it does not happen overnight. It happens in small, structured steps. And we have decided to make this change. Watch the second episode of Going Circular!

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Going Circular - episode 1

Science-Based Targets and how to lower your carbon footprint. The next seven years will determine the planet's 1000 years ahead of us. So, it's not the time to slow down. It's a time to be innovative. Watch the first episode of Going Circular!

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