Diab Core kit solution for premier class seating pods

Diab core kit solution for premier class seating pods

B/E Aerospace, Inc. is the world leader in the manufacture of aircraft passenger cabin interior products for the commercial and business jet aircraft markets. Its products are used by virtually all aircraft manufacturers and in service with almost all airlines.

In recent years Diab has worked closely with B/E Aerospace’s seating manufacturing operations, based at Kilkeel in Northern Ireland, in the development of new premium-class seating solutions.


High quality demands
In the development of new seating pods for first class and business class cabins, very high demands are placed on their function, design and comfort.

Therefore, materials used in the manufacturing process must maintain the highest standard of quality and still meet stringent regulations regarding fire, smoke and toxicity (FST).

In collaboration with Diab, B/E Aerospace has performed extensive testing of Diab core materials to ensure that they would meet the requirements laid down by the company in terms of mechanical properties, FST and aesthetics.

Increasing efficiency
Though Diab has supplied B/E Aerospace with sheet material for some time, in August last year it began to deliver core materials in kit component form.

This approach accelerates the production process, as core kit components can be taken ‘out of the box’ and placed directly into the mold without B/E production personnel needing to carry out any cutting, trimming or shaping operations before production. Another advantage of this approach for B/E Aerospace is that waste is completely eliminated.

Prior to deciding to adopt the core kit method (a concept pioneered by Diab), B/E Aerospace personnel carried out detailed quality audits at Diab’s manufacturing operations in Sweden and Italy.

Global support and supply
The core used by B/E Aerospace is manufactured at Diab’s Longarone, Italy plant. It is then transferred to the Laholm, Sweden plant for further processing.

Working direct from the CAD files supplied by B/E Aerospace, the individual components for the seat pods are produced to high tolerances using a range of specialised CAD/CAM equipment.


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