Diab materials in high capacity EMU trains

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, a subsidiary of China Railway Rolling Stock Corp (CRRC), China’s largest rolling stock manufacturer, rolled out the first set of double-decker Electric Multiple Units (EMU) trains for exports to Europe.

The set of trains, which can run at a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour, will be exported to Austria and used on railway lines in five European countries. The double-decker EMUs meet TSI standards, the European union’s Technical Specification for Interoperability.

Equipped with six carriages and 571 seats, the Electric Multiple Units can carry 1,280 passengers. The capacity of the train is 35 percent higher than that of a flat-layer train and thus eases capacity strains on busy European railroads.

The train has a lightweight design and uses a large number of composite materials including carbon and glass fibers.
The weight of the entire train is only about 10 percent higher than a single-level train.

External sandwich composite parts like the front and skirts are made with Divinycell H100 and H60.


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