Diab sandwich composites crucial when Volvo XC90 is transformed into an ambulance

Volvo XC90 Composite Ambulance  - safety first

Using a Volvo XC90 as a base car already sets the bar very high regarding safety, ergonomics and function. Thanks to the manufacturer’s position in ensuring both active and passive safety, Nilsson Special Vehicles AB can offer a world-class Ambulance with outstanding performance in combination with the highest level of safety standards.


The upper car body moulded in carbon fiber sandwich with a Divinycell core by Faiber Komposit, enables a structure coping with tough requirements including crash and roll over tests. Besides the freedom of design, a moulded single piece with repeated tight tolerances enables reduced installation time in the workshop.

Nilsson Special Vehicle AB: “A light and strong construction provides a comfortable and safe environment for both patients and ambulance personnel, whilst maintaining an outstanding loading capacity of around 700kg”



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