MSL uses Diab composites to make way in Chennai metro trains

MSL uses Diab composites to make way in Chennai Metro trains

Greater demand for weight reduction and better aerodynamics puts railcar manufacturers on track to more extensive use of composites. Sandwich cores are well suited to rail applications both in interior and exterior components, the latter including train front and nose components.


Two of those who have jumped on the train to develop rail composite solutions are Mobility Solutions Limited (MSL), a large manufacturer of coach components in India, and the French composite material specialist Groupe Stratiforme Compreforme. These two companies have formed a joint venture to produce top modern driver cabs for the Chennai Metro trains in India. Built with Diab’s Divinycell P60, with excellent FST performance, these cabs meet the highest fire and safety standards.

New railway project to improve public communication in Chennai
The Chennai Metro Rail is a rapid transit system under construction in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), the fourth largest metropolitan city in India and home to almost 5 million people. Upon completion, Chennai Metro Rail will be the first metro project in India to integrate other public transportation systems. The project is expected to reduce the commuting time from one end of the city to another by 75% and its first part will be finished at the end of 2014.

The new metro network needs 42 four-car trains to operate, all of which will be manufactured by Alstom Transport. The first 9 trains will be produced in Brazil, while the other 33 in a newly built Alstom plant in Sri City, India.

The trains will feature air-conditioned interiors and electrically operated automatic sliding doors, offering comfort and easy access to passengers.

Divinycell P for maximum safety
The driver cab of the train – a state-of-the-art single part construction – will be produced by MSL Stratiforme, a joint venture between Mobility Solutions Limited (MSL), a large manufacturer of coach components in India, and the French composite specialist Groupe Stratiforme Compreforme. To achieve lighter weight and provide the highest possible safety, the core of the driver cab will be made of Diab Divinycell P60 foam.

The Divinycell P range is the ideal product for use in mass transport application as it has been specially designed with improved FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) performance, thereby providing the utmost safety for passengers and crew in case of fire.

Composite core offers substantial weight savings
MSL has been working with Diab and they are very satisfied with the collaboration.
– Using Divinycell as core material makes it possible for us to save a great deal of weight compared with traditional components, says Shailendra Panchal at MSL. A lower overall weight translates into higher speeds as well as reduced power consumption and acceleration inertia. The excellent FST-properties of Divinycell P make it the ideal material choice for building train parts. Choosing Divinycell P we feel we have done everything we can to ensure maximum safety for all.


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