Abu Dhabi Ship Building Fast Interceptor Contract

Abu Dhabi ship building fast interceptor contract

Abu Dhabi Ship Building is working with Turkish shipbuilder Yonca Onuk to deliver a total of 34 Diab cored vessels. The new interceptors, which are based on Yonca Onuk’s MRTP 16 design, will be used by the CNIA for a wide variety of tasks in the UAE maritime zone including: fisheries and maritime asset protection, coastguard duties, search and rescue, pollution control and customs operations.


The first 12 vessels will be built by Yonca Onuk at its shipyard in Tuzla. Under a transfer of technology agreement, the remaining 22 craft will be built by ADSB.

All the 34 vessels will be constructed in accordance with DNV type approval. Commenting on the delivery schedule from ADSB, Andrew Donald McMillan, Composite Production Manager of ADSB, said, “We have already delivered 6 vessels to the CNIA by the end of 2010 and have currently 9 more in process. We are moving along quite nicely with the project and it should complete at the beginning of 2013.”

The vessels will be capable of reaching speeds of 65 knots in sea state 2 giving them a rapid reaction capability that is similar to a helicopter. They will also be capable of operating in weather conditions and locations that would be unsuitable for rotary or fixed wing aircraft.

Lightweight/high strength advanced sandwich composites based on Diab cores will be used throughout each vessel (hull, deck and superstructure) in order to optimize performance in terms of speed, acceleration, operating range, payload and fuel efficiency.

The use of sandwich composites is also expected to extend the service life of the vessels while at the same delivering a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Also sandwich composites offer good ‘stealth capabilities’ by reducing a vessel’s electro-magnetic signature.

Commenting on the contract from CNIA, Bill Salzer, CEO of ADSB, said, “We are delighted to have been selected to build this fleet for the CNIA. Although this is our first new-build order for the authority, we already provide maintenance and support to the CNIA's existing fleet under rate running contracts.”



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