Sandwich Calculation Tool

Diab Sandwich Calculation Tool

See how much stronger, lighter and stiffer (smarter) a sandwich construction is compared to a single skin laminate or compare different sandwich configurations.

The right combination of core material, sheet material and their thicknesses will strongly affect performance and quality of the final product. Our Sandwich Calculation Tool will allow you to compare different solutions to save weight, money and increase performance.

Have you tried our Core Selection Guide? Find out what core material would be suitable for your project? The Core Selection Guide will help you find a suitable core material depending on your specific requirements arising from application demand and/or processing parameters.

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This Sandwich Calculation Tool is to compare different panel configurations. As default you see a typical example of the benefits going from single skin to a sandwich panel. The result is a lighter, stiffer and stronger panel enabling you to save weight, money and increase performance. This will make your product lighter than ever!

Further down you can create your own calculations and compare single skin vs sandwich or two different sandwich configurations. The tool includes fiber reinforced laminates and solid sheets plus a selection of Diab foam cores.

The calculations and material properties are based on the “ISO 12215 Small craft – Hull construction and scantlings” the results are to be used as guidance only. To make your final design, we recommend a thorough evaluation together with our experts.


To the best of our knowledge the information contained here in is accurate. Data and recommendations are the results of tests and experience, but are given without liability to Diab. As the use of this information is beyond the control of Diab, Diab will not be liable for any damage arising from its use.
Final determination of suitability of the information for the use contemplated is the sole responsibility of the designer and/or builder, and it is strongly recommended that actual samples be manufactured and tested prior to any final determination of suitability.


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