Louise Eriksson Jacka
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DIAB Divinycell core infusion

Core Infusion

Core infusion is closely connected to the core, kit and finishing selected. Each of these impact each other and, combined in the right manner, will meet different requirements, weather performances, cost efficiency or any other criteria.

Improved efficiency and decreased cost

Our core infusion process can cut mold cycle times by up to 50% and labor costs by 30%. It can be readily introduced using existing molds and without the need for heavy capital investment or sophisticated flow modeling software. With the Diab system the specially grooved core not only enhances the structural performance of the composite component, but also acts as the resin transfer medium. By eliminating the requirement for sacrificial distribution mats or nets the cost of consumables and waste is significantly reduced.

World-leading in core infusion

Diab were pioneers in developing core infusion. Since then countless composite component producers around the world have adopted our core infusion as their process of choice for both large and small moldings. We continue to develop and refine the process, and the effort to optimize the technique keeps us in the forefront of core infusion.

For more information about core infusion contact our Technical Services or the Composites Consulting Group.