Composite materials allow canoe manufacturer Roman Mangas to stay ahead of the game

Composite materials allow canoe manufacturer Roman Mangas to stay ahead of the game

With over 17,000 units built, the Spanish-based canoe and paddle manufacturer Román Mangas knows that high-competition canoes require the most advanced materials.


Located in Zamora, a big-name city in the world of canoeing, Román Mangas boats are constructed for demanding competitions, such as the Olympic Games and World Championships. With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing canoes and kayaks, it is Román Mangas’ ambition of to offer its customers the latest technology and smartest innovations, combined with quality and personalized service.

The Román Mangas canoe builders know that research is a vital part of success. To stay ahead of the game, they consistently develop their models using the most advanced systems in CAD technology, laser cutting, folding and punching.

Always striving for the best design and performance, they ensure their canoes and kayaks are constructed using the latest high-quality materials as well.

Drawing from the experience of José Luis, an experienced and internationally known canoeist, and Antonio Jesus, a canoe accessories designer, the company uses all types of materials for construction: vinyl ester, epoxy resins and various tissues of carbon, aramid and Diab sandwich composites. The composite materials make the canoes and kayaks sturdy, yet light, which is important in the world of canoe racing. Marathon canoes, for example, have a set weight of eight kg including seat, footrest and rudder.

Román Mangas has been a customer of Diab Spain since 2008, but the company has used Diab products for its canoe construction much longer than that. Appreciating the high-quality composite materials and the valuable assistance in terms of vacuum infusion techniques, Román Mangas greatly benefits from Diab’s expertise.



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