Explore new solutions and core materials at JEC World 2022

Diab continues to serve the market with lightweight solutions and smart digital tools to create sustainable applications that give our customers a competitive edge. At JEC World in Paris, May 3-5, 2022, we are excited to present new materials and technical solutions that will make our customers’ products lighter than ever. Here are some of the product highlights and latest innovations that we will present.

New core materials that are lighter than ever

Divinycell U is Diab’s new core material with excellent dielectric properties for applications such as radomes and antennas, especially within aerospace and industry, and defence, making your application lighter than ever. Divinycell U is a recyclable polyetherimide (PEI) thermoplastic foam targeted for use in aerospace applications. With intermediate densities positioned between our current F50 & F90, we will be able to now provide 60 & 80 kg/m3 densities, resulting in potential significant weight saving opportunities. Diab already has an excellent product for FST applications in Divinycell F, and with Divinycell U, we can broaden our offering to the aerospace market with a product that has even better fire properties.

Divinycell MC60 is the innovative next generation structural core with best-in-class mechanical properties to low weight. The material’s unique microcell structure renders substantial weight reduction of the laminate, thanks to lower core density combined with an exceptionally low level of resin uptake. The minimal cell size has proven to give an 80% reduction in resin uptake. Divinycell MC60 is a premium structural core suitable for weight critical marine, industry, and aerospace applications. Other key features include excellent adhesion/peel strength, low water absorption and good thermal and acoustic insulation. The material is compatible with virtually all commonly used resins and manufacturing methods.

Introducing Advanced kitting for maximum weight savings

Diab's innovative Advanced kits offer an optimized fit in the mould, reduced resin consumption, and improved cosmetics for infusion and prepreg applications, making them lighter than ever. Using a CNC proprietary cut profile for each kit detail, the core is cut partway through its thickness, eliminating the need for a scrim backing. The benefits include a very smooth surface finish, 3D formability and decreased resin uptake. Suitable for lightweight and surface finish critical applications in Marine, Industry & Aerospace.

New tools and technical support

How strong is your Diab cored sandwich? Soon you can configure and check your sandwich laminate's strength and stiffness and compare it with other sandwich or single-skin solutions. Our latest addition to MyDiab, the Sandwich Comparison Tool, allows you to make your own calculations and comparisons. The tool will be released for JEC World 2022!

A powerful team of engineers, product- and process specialists are the backbone of our new Diab Application Center. They will help you realize the total value of your composite designs and are ready to team up with you to make your products lighter than ever. They can help you with selecting the suitable core material, laminate design and optimization to prototyping and short production, testing, kit-engineering, and kit-production.

Diab is JEC WORLD Innovation winner 2022!

Our 100% thermoplastic panel for cabin interiors was nominated and winner in the Aerospace–Applications category. The 100% thermoplastic and recyclable sandwich panel for aerospace cabin interiors is developed to answer current challenges such as sustainability, REACH compliance, production rate increases etc.