Explore new sustainable solutions and circular core materials at JEC World 2023

It’s time to get circular, and Diab is taking the lead in becoming the core partner for companies searching for sustainable products and solutions. At JEC World in Paris, April 25-27, 2023, we are excited to present circular thinking around core materials and technical solutions to make our customers’ applications more sustainable. Here are some of the product highlights and latest innovations we will present.

New Divinycell PET range for a more circular world

Our new range of PET foam core materials with excellent resin uptake suits many applications, making the sandwich core solution lighter and more sustainable than ever.

Divinycell PL is our next generation high performance PET material range. Divinycell PL is recyclable and based on post-industry recycled PET. A true circular sustainable product for a variety of applications and processes, including infusion, prepreg and press bonding. Divinycell PL has very low resin uptake, high compression and shear properties and high dimensional stability at elevated temperature.

Divinycell PR is a sandwich core made of up to 45% post-consumer PET and additional post-industry recycled PET to boost performance. A true circular sustainable product to meet environmental needs and commitments, suitable for a variety of applications and processes including infusion, prepreg and press bonding. Divinycell PR has good compression and shear properties with high dimensional stability at elevated temperature. A closed cell structure with low resin uptake and good thermal insulation properties.

A broad range of core materials

Divinycell MC61 is a new core material based on the knowledge Diab has gained from PVC materials and is suitable for weight-critical applications, especially in Aerospace, as it is going to be accompanied by comprehensive quality documentation and traceability (per AS9100 Rev. D). Its unique microcell structure substantially reduces the laminate weight thanks to lower core density and exceptionally low resin uptake.
Divinycell PVC, PES, PEI. Our full range of core materials with excellent strength-to-weight properties used in multiple industries and available in a wide density range will also be displayed at JEC World 2023. For example, Divinycell U is now available in a more comprehensive density range, and Divinycell F is available in broader sheets, providing an improved surface finish in interior panels for aircraft.

Visit our stand and watch circular thinking in action!

In or stand at JEC World 2023, we will showcase different applications created with our core materials and circularity in focus.
Together with our partner Nanotures, we have been involved in constructing a sliding composite roof for Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium of Real Madrid. Nanotures is the winner of the JEC Innovation Award 2023 in the category of Building and Engineering for this project.
Diab’s Divinycell PET and balsa cores were used for a light, strong, sustainable solution. Key benefits are high strength, weight reduction, simplification of on-site installation, and other environmental gains with a reduced weight of different components and machinery, plus a low maintenance need during a long life.
At our stand, we will have a prototype of the beams for the sliding roof, and you can also meet with representatives from Nanotures.

Sidewall panel made of award-winning material

After winning three innovation awards in 2022 (JEC Innovaton Award, Crystal Cabin Award, CAMX ACE) for the 100% thermoplastic and recyclable aerospace panels, we are now ready to manufacture full-scale aerospace parts.
A first sidewall panel demonstrator made in collaboration with Hutchinson successfully demonstrated the compliance of this technology with typical aerospace customers’ expectations and all the advantages of the one-step manufacturing process (high production rates, lower production costs). We will be pleased to present this technology and its benefits for your applications at the JEC Show.

Sustainable solutions and renewable energy

Other exciting projects we have been involved in are the first commercial-scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC) by CorPower Ocean, a JEC Innovation Award Finalist in 2023 in Renewable energies, and Minesto’s Deep Green technology that generates electricity from low-flow tidal streams and ocean currents. They use a unique and patented principle similar to a stunt kite flying in the wind. In both projects, we have contributed with our experience and knowledge of subsea applications. The designs use the Divinycell H grade core for high strength requirements in a harsh marine environment, with low maintenance and long-life performance.

Get more sustainable with our innovative Advanced Kits

A lighter and more durable structure will positively impact the environment with a lower carbon footprint due to the lower structural weight and reduced amount of raw materials and resins used. Diab’s Advanced Kits offer an ideal way to reduce weight through our innovative way of cutting the core details for an optimised fit in the mould, reduced resin consumption, and improved cosmetics for infusion and prepreg applications.
Our powerful team of engineers, product specialists, and process specialists are ready to team up with you to realise the total value of composites and make your products lighter and more sustainable than ever.